Welcome supplicant,

You have taken the oath and the mark of Hextor has been branded onto your skin and your soul.

The Grand Imperator Daman-Dara has called you to his service and you must answer…

The tide is turning, the war between the legions of “The Holy” and the pathetic fence sitting Neutrals is showing in our favour.

A world cast in war for 100 years, ravaged and worn out and ripe for the taking if the weaknesses in the forces of the Rays of Pelor and The Heironeous Lance can be exploited.

Take up your banners, cast aside your petty ventures and your schemes and answer Daman-Dara’s call… For Death, for glory, for total domination!
March at the right hand of Hextor as the world burns in the flames of triumph and a new order comes to pass… our order.




This is an evil campaign setting, where you can only play Neutral (allied with The Right Hand of Hextor) or Evil characters.
It is also not a standard Medieval setting, it is aligned with mid 17th century fashion and technology, but within the rules of D&D and a fantasy world.

Playing an evil character does not mean “being a dick” so think carefully about your motivations and the nuances of who you will be in the game.

As a personal and group policy, all references to Non Consensual Sex and Sexual activity with minors will be removed from the game and is not part of this world.

Please Read as much of the Wiki as possible:

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The Righteous Hand of Hextor

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