Erelaph, home of the Aasimar is said to be home to the Guardians of Xapham Island and the true secrets it holds.

The “Gifted Ones” as many others call them are drawn from distant lands and wherever they are born to live on Erelaph.
Friendly, generous and good hearted the Aasimar have long since aided the other races of Elond as a passive yet benevolent bystander.
Revered and left along out of respect only those who are specifically invited ever visit Erelaph and those who do will never tell what it is they saw there.


As stalwart and long term Guardians of the door to the Celestial planes on Xapham Island, it was rare to see Aasimar living outside of Erelaph before the war.
But when the Beacon Burned and the door was flung open they awoke from their passive role at watchers and gate guards.

“Graced with a touch of the holy, aasimars are usually tall, good-looking, and generally pleasant. Some have a minor physical trait suggesting their heritage, such as silver hair, golden eyes, or an unnaturally intense stare. Most aasimars are decidedly good-aligned.
They fight against evil causes and attempt to sway others to do the right thing. Occasionally they take on he vengeful, judgmental aspect of their celestial ancestor, but this is rare. They are rarely found in leadership positions and often live as loners due to their absolute dedication to goodness. Others are less fanatical and fit seamlessly into normal human society.”

Often commanded by Archons the Aasimar now make up a small proportion on the Herioneous Lance and some of the more Vengeful and judgmental have found their place in the Rays of Pelor.


Their natural and intense dislike of Tieflings has led to a rather more personal war within the Great War itself once it was discovered that a great many Tieflings were part of the Forces of Darkness.

The Forces of Light have a great Aasimar General who rides alongside Serge Dupois of the Verdant Glades.
Aristomache is a legendary figure on both sides of the war.
Rumours about the true relationship between her and Serge are rife in some quarters although it is wise not to speak them where they could be overheard within the Forces of Light.



Aasimar naming conventions are based on Ancient Greek names: Aasimar Names


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