Xapham Island off the coast of Western Elond is not strictly populated.

It is however revered and scared territory bearing an Enormous statue at it’s centre which is a link to the Celestial Plane and a doorway into Elond.


The presence of Archons on Elond was rare to the point of passing into legend before the Great War started.

It is said that when the Rakshasa opened the Great Gates and bound themselves in a pact of Evil with Demons and Devils, that the statue on Xapham Island burst into a column of white light.

Since the pact was made Archons have begun arriving in Elond to aid the Forces of Light.
They number less than a hundred in total in their various forms but the Council of Light is said to know how to summon more in times of Great need.

“Archons are celestials from the plane of Celestia. They have charged themselves with the protection of the plane, and also consider themselves guardians of all who are innocent or free of evil. They are the natural enemies of fiends (creatures of the lower
planes), particularly demons. Archons speak Celestial, Infernal, and Draconic, but can speak with almost any creature because of their tongues ability.”


The most common sightings are the Heralds known as Trumpet Archons and great Warrior Archons, but others are said to exist in Elond.

Throne Archon:


Xapham Island is a sacred place and only those with the highest positions of trust are allowed to venture there. It is protected by many enchantments and traps to prevent corruption and trespass.

Sword Archon:



The Trumpet Archons are from the classic Monster Manual from 3.5.
However other Archons (Sword and Throne) not featured will be in this game, they are very rare higher level npcs.

Archons have Angelic names: Archon Names


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