Before the War

The war started in 1557, about 101 years ago…

There had been turmoil and high tensions since the Rakshasa had emerged from their Desert Island in 1538 with a huge army and started to seek allegiances from the races closest to them with the threat of invasion weighing heavily in their minds.

Nobody knows why the Rakshasa decided to start their campaign, up until that point they had kept themselves in isolation from the rest of Elond with the nearby Tieflings their only outside contact.

Before the Rakshasa brought their armies to the main shores of Elond, the worship of Hextor was largely unknown.

In fact formalised large religious followings were mostly uncommon as the individual races kept their personal faiths and has little interest in the conversion of outsiders.

In the West some evangelical crusades based on the teachings of Pelor had begun to spring up, but they were largely treated as a minor conflict and ignored by those not directly caught up in it.

The Rakshasa revolutionised the way Religion was viewed and used on Elond with their army marching under the banner of Hextor, preaching of their status as the chosen of his name gifted with great power.

Over the next two decades before the Great War officially began, the High Elves brought themselves to the forefront of Elond’s political landscape by coming out of their introspective lifestyles to take charge of the resistance against the invading Rakshasa.
They quickly found many of the races that bordered them who shared their general principals rallying to their cause.

The extremist Paladin orders of Pelor fell in with them seeing an opportunity to make greater headway with their own campaign against the evils of Undead and Necromancy.

The borders between long segregated racial communities began to dissolve and larger parts of Elond became multi-cultural and no longer claimed by any one race.

As the conflicts escalated and the Rakshasa drew more allies in and pushed further towards the High Elven home lands, the Declaration was made.

In 1557 all territories and races in Elond were commanded to make their allegiances known.
Those who chose to remain neutral fostered uneasy relations from both sides.
The final stage was the formalisation of the Great Armies.

The Heironeous Lance lead by the High Elves and made up of an alliance of Dwarfs, Humans, Halflings, Pixies and Half Elves became the main power behind what was to become the Forces of Light.

The Rays of Pelor, Lead by the Green Lizardfolk joined as a secondary force. Their numbers bolstered by more fanatic Humans, Aasimar and Archons.

Similarly on the other side, the Rakshasa created the Right Hand of Hextor and pulled all their allies into the fold by various means to create an army of Humans, Grey Elves, Orcs, Duergar, Tiefling, Drow, Satyr, Gargoyles and any of the Neutral races they could draw in.

The battle lines had been set and the Main Continent of Elond divided.

Before the War

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