What to Expect:

This is a game about Conquering the world whilst serving the Right Hand of Hextor and achieving your own personal goals.
You are part of an Empire of Evil full of the nastiest and most corrupt people in the world. It is a dark, grim setting.
Having said this you have no more chance of losing your character than in any other d&d 3,5 game as it is an established world with large opposing forces with impressive resources.

It is set in the 17th century so technology and clothing is different to that of a standard D&D setting. More information on that is located here: The setting- era

What can you play?

All of the player characters are part of the Right Hand of Hextor in some way. This means that you must be either A Neutral or Evil Race.
Please read the Racial briefs before picking your race to make sure it fits with your character concept.
Neutral races can have individuals within them who have Evil alignments as long as the reason why fits with the background cannon for their race.
You cannot play any form of Good character.

If you wish to play a_ Chaotic Evil_ character you must have a good concept and discuss it with the GM before statting them.

The campaign is starting at Level 5, to make your characters more well rounded and experienced.
Please take into account level adjustment for the races which puts Gargoyles and Rakshasa out of play for 5th level starting characters.

Notes and Rules on the Campaign:

Please note that all references to sexual violence in backgrounds have been removed and no references to rape or underage sex should be made in the game.

This game does however play with adult themes of Evil, Murder and Torture.
If you have any specific wishes regarding the exclusion of this content please message the GM.

This game is based on the Standard 3.5 D&D rules and also the rules from the extended books: The Book of Vile Darkness, The Magic Item Compendium and The Book of Exalted Deeds.

You are allowed to use character builds and equipment from The Book of Vile Darkness and The Magic Item Compendium, with GM permission.

Getting into the setting/first session:

The basic idea for the campaign is that all of the pcs have been ordered to the Capital city of Damanus as members of the Right Hand of Hextor for a special announcement.
There will be an enormous arena with thousands of supplicants inside.
The purpose of the meeting is to co-ordinate a push that may well sway the Great War in favour of the forces of Darkness and break the stale-mate.

The pc party are going to become special forces agents tracing the location of a lost religious relic as a lead to something much greater…
The last known location of the relic was the Rust Lizardfolk Island of Iphis, but it was stolen, probably by Tieflings.
You will be traveling all over Elond even into enemy territory no doubt…

Please do read all of the relevant Wiki pages beforehand as all the information about the setting and the races will be there.


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