Demons, Devils, Celestials and The Planes

There are worlds outside of what most perceive as reality, Gods, magic and madness lies within.

Sometimes things come through, they find rips and holes in the fabric of what we know as reality and push through.
Mostly this is a random occurrence, unpredictable and unplanned.

But then there are the gates…

The Grand statue on Xapham Island acts as a great conduit, a permanent doorway into the Plane of Celestia, through which Archons and all manner of Lawful Good beings can pass into the place known as reality.
The Forces of Light rely on this connection to bolster their numbers and seek aid from their Gods.

And then there are the other doors…

Once buried deep beneath the sands, some say on purpose, the Rakshasa found them.
The Great gates two colossal twisted portals cast in Obsidian and stained with substances one does not wish to dwell on.

The left gate a portal to The Abyss, a realm of Chaos and Evil that should be treated with the utmost respect and fear if one dares to use it.

The right gate leads to Baator, a realm of Lawful Evil and the wails of suffering and torment are still audible through the stone, even when closed.

The Forces of Darkness use both these doors to summon Devils and Demons who dwell within for their own ends, but always are they aware of the price….

And then there is the fourth door, the one only those closest to the seat of power have ever seen.
Not so much a door as a secret entrance, the locket that hangs around the neck of Daman-Dara, Grand Imperator is a doorway to the Plane of Acheron, the realm of Hextor.

Thee are many other planes and perhaps other doors, but these are the only known permanent links in the mundane realm of reality.

Demons and Devils

The Forces of Darkness have an interesting relationship with Demons and Devils.
They employ the use of powerful summoners as a main force in the army to exploit their discovery of the Great Gates on the Rakshasa’s home Island of Ras-Al-Khaimah.

The tenuous relationship between The Right Hand of Hextor and Demons must be carefully balanced. Demons are not truly anyone’s ally and they will devour and destroy those who summon them if they can.
There are 12 kinds of Demon in The Abyss including the masters.
The Masters are known named Demons from Myth, Legend and Horror stories which are now known to exist.

“Demons are a race of creatures native to the Abyss, a plane of endless evil. They are ferocity personified and will attack any creature just for the sheer fun of it—even other demons. They enjoy terrifying their victims before slaying them and often devour the slain.
Many demons, not satisfied with their own iniquity, take pleasure in tempting mortals to become as depraved as they are. A number of demons belong to a race (and subtype) known as the tanar’ri. The tanar’ri form the largest and most diverse group of
demons, and they are the unchallenged masters of the Abyss.”


The Right Hand of Hextor have a spurious agreement with the Tanar’ri as masters of the Abyss, but those who would rely on this often do not live long.
Those gifted or cursed with a knowledge of Demons may be able to invoke the names of the Masters or possess knowledge of them that may assist their endeavors.

A somewhat more balanced relationship is maintained with those who dwell in Baator.
The Devils of the Nine Hells are all too happy with their relationship with the Right Hand of Hextor.
As long as the Baatezu, the main caste in the Nine Hells are kept apart from the Tanar’ri and any dealings that involve them, the Forces of Darkness can use both th further their goals.

The Battezu are much more structured and reasonable beings to deal with.
Daman-Dara has his own personal Devil Cadre that are bound to serve the Right Hand of Hextor, by his will until the day of his death.
Devils are much easier to summon but far harder to deal with as they possess a great deal more cunning and guile.


“The scourge of humanity and the cosmos, devils are fiends from the Nine Hells of Baator, a lawful evil realm. Devils enjoy bullying those weaker than themselves and often attack good creatures just to gain a trophy or three. The most powerful devils occupy themselves with plots to seize power, wreck civilizations, and inflict misery upon mortals.
Many devils are surrounded by a fear aura, which they use to break up powerful groups and defeat opponents piecemeal. Devils with spell-like abilities use their illusion abilities to delude and confuse foes as much as possible. A favorite trick is to create illusory reinforcements; enemies can never be entirely sure if a threat is only a figment or real summoned devils joining the fray. The most numerous devils are the baatezu, infamous for their strength, evil temperament, and ruthlessly efficient organization. Baatezu have a rigid caste system, in which authority derives not only from power but also from station. They
occupy themselves mainly with extending their influence throughout the planes by corrupting mortals. Baatezu who further this goal are usually rewarded with improved stations.”

The Right Hand of Hextor has supplicants whose job is to keep track of the pecking order inside the Nine Hells and update the Grand Summoners in order to prevent any mishaps, it is a full time job.

All Summoned Devils and Demons pass through the Great Gates which are constantly guarded.
A few unfortunate occasions have led to the simultaneous summoning of Demons and Devils sworn to exterminate each other.
Those responsible for ensuing massacres were severely punished.

Demons, Devils, Celestials and The Planes

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