The Drow are a force unto themselves on Elond.
Secreted away on their drab grey rock out in the Eastern Sea, their excitingly fatal society living under the surface of Everdark Fortress.
The entire Island is walled off and covered in spikes, torture cages and the remnants of victims to ward off the approach of outsiders.

Given the alarming number of “other” elves on the Surface it is a wonder that they ever bothered to come out from their secret world and join the Right Hand of Hextor.

“Also known as dark elves, drow are a depraved and evil subterranean offshoot. White is the most common hair color among drow, but almost any pale shade is possible. Drow tend to be smaller and thinner than other sorts of elves, and their eyes are often a vivid red. Their society is matriarchal and rigidly controlled by the priesthood.
The drow’s patron deity is the spider goddess Lolth. Female drow favor the cleric class rather than wizard and have access to two of the following domains: Chaos,
Destruction, Evil, or Trickery. Drow usually coat their arrows with a potent venom.”


It is believed that the threat of Invasion by the already large alliance of Evil races above them forced the Drow’s hand.
In truth they are not really allied with the Right Hand of Hextor they just pay them lip service in the form of a conscripted levy of bodies for the army.

Due to the nature of Drow society the levy states that they can send either one Female or ten Male drow. It is incredibly rare to see a female drow on Elond unless they are one of the high ranking members of the Right Hand of Hextor.


Drow in the service of the army take the brand of Hextor but pay it no attention usually as their worship falls only on the ears of Lolth.

Symbol of Lolth: Lolth_s.jpg

“Lolth constantly turns one drow against another. She claims to do this to cull out the weak and to make the race strong, but she is a cruel and capricious deity who enjoys watching others suffer. She is careful to prevent open or widespread strife among the drow. She does not tolerate campaigns of harassment or attrition among
groups of drow, but she does sanction well-planned, swift, and overwhelming attacks.
Lolth expects her people to be shrewd, calculating, and aware
of the dangers and opportunities around them. She has no use for sentiment, weakness, or love. She expects her people to rule
the entire Underdark (the realm beneath the surface of the
earth), eliminating foes that are weak enough to be destroyed and biding their time before attacking other opponents. She also expects them to eventually invade and conquer the surface, not to colonize it but to defeat the surface elves”


The Drow have been forced by the rule of the Right Hand of Hextor to stop their plots and schemes to take over the lands of the Grey Elves and the Duergar, however there is a lot of tension in this alliance.
It seems that they have placated Lolth with their part in the war against the numerous High Elves on the side of the forces of light.
The Underdark is a place of mystery and terror for those outside it and the superiority of the Drow means that very few will ever be worthy enough to have it explained to them.


Drow Stats

Drow naming conventions are secretive and based on their internal political structurewith Matriarchal houses: Drow name Generator


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