Azanthanthal, home of the Duergar actually extends for many thousands of miles deep under the earth.
The Duergar joined the forces of Darkness out of necessity when they tunneled into a compound already claimed by the Dwarves far across the sea in the Nzurzthec Mountains and started a war that they could not win on their own.

Already declared as Evil by the declaration of 1557 the Duergar did not contest it given their secret worship of Nerull.

They did not join the Right Hand of Hextor nor make contact with the outside world from under the rocks of Azanthanthal until the tunnel break in 1598.

The Dwarves of the forces of light had started to pour into their tunnel accompanied by Paladins and Clerics of Pelor who slaughtered them in the thousands after their worship of Nerull was uncovered.

Pushed back to the surface, desperate groups of scouts and emissaries from the Duergar sought out the Right Hand and Hextor and offered their allegiance.
With help from the forces of darkness the tunnels below the seas were either collapsed or fortified and the tides of invaders pushed back.
The price for their salvation was dominion.
The Deurgar sold themselves to the Rakshasa, Azanthanthal becoming a protectorate of Hextoria and now and forever they would serve their saviors.


The worship of Nerull was not banned and many Duergar still operate the secretive cults made in his name.

Symbol of Nerull:
“Nerull is the patron of those who seek the greatest evil for their own enjoyment or gain.All are equal in Nerull’s cold realm. Every living thing is an affront to the Reaper, and every death brings a dark spark of joy to his long-dead heart. Those that pray to Nerull to appease him only attract his attention and their own doom. Those that kill in his name shall be rewarded (or so Nerull promises).”


“Sometimes called gray dwarves,these evil beings dwell in the
underground. Most Duergar are bald (even the females), and they dress in drab clothing
that is designed to blend into stone. In their lairs they may wear jewelry, but it is always kept dull. They war with other dwarves, even allying with other underground creatures from time to time.”

Deurgar Society is governed by casts, none so revered as the Cleric or Priest who give out orders to the vast numbers of Warriors and Crafters who live in the dark cold mines under the barren jagged rocky surface of Azanthanthel.

Since the signing of the treaty of rulership in 1600 most of the Priest cast is made up of those who worship Hextor, with a few still promised to Nerull. Not even the right Hand of Hextor wish to upset Nerull by removing his Priests entirely.


Duergar Stats

Naming conventions give the Duergar names based in ancient texts said to come from far off lands. These names are based on Norse Mythology and Jotun culture:
Jotun Names


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