The Dwarves Of Elond had long been trading and sharing their culture with the Halflings and Humans on their borders.
There had even been a stoic trade based relationship with the High Elves, who seldom chose to take notice of anything except their own community.

Woshipping the cultural God Moradin for as long as they had existed, the alliegiance of the Dwarves to the forces of light would never have been questioned.
Their hatred of their Evil kin living far across the seas strengthened their resolve to assist in the crusade against the forces or darkness even further.
The Duergar are the twisted mockery of Dwarven cultutre and society that must be purified and destroyed.

Symbol of Moradin: Moradin_symbol.jpg

“Moradin is an adamant defender of the dwarven people he created and of the principles of law and good. He teaches the value of making goods that last, of loyalty to clan, leader,and people, and of meeting adversity with stoicism and tenacity. He
tolerates no taint of evil among the dwarves; it was he who drove the derro and duergar out of the dwarven community. It is Moradin’s influence
that leads the dwarves toward excellence in craftwork and staunch defense of what is theirs”


Living in vast underground cities in the Nzurzthec Mountains, only the barest amount of dwarven society can be seen by outsiders.
Surface Dwarves have become much more common and widespread since the start of the war, but very few non-Dwarves ever enter their cities.
Healthy trade is conducted with all of the Good races and much pf the quip,ent used by the forces of light is made by the Dwarves.
Since the invasion of the Duergar deep paths and the resulting tunnel collapse in 1598, a small garrison of the Heironeous Lance has remained in the deep cities, it is worthy to note that no Elves part of this force.


“Dwarves are noble warriors who excel at metalcraft, stoneworking, and war. They tend to be serious, determined, and very honorable. Dwarves favor earth tones in their clothing and prefer simple and functional garb. The skin can be very dark, but it is
always some shade of tan or brown. Hair color can be black, gray, or brown. Dwarves average 4 feet tall and weigh as much as adult humans.
Dwarves prefer to spend their time making masterpieces of stone, steel, and precious metals. They create d**urable weapons, craft beautiful jewelry, and cut superior gems. However, they consider it bad taste to flaunt wealth, so few wear jewelry other than one
simple piece.”


Much of the ballistic firepower of the Forces of Light has its origins in Dwarven lands and their crafting techniques. Dwarves make up about a fifth of the Heironeous Lance army.
The Dwarves have a High King, he is one of the main Military leaders of the Forces of Light and sits on the council.
The High King is known as Alviss Silver-Hand.



Dwarves will be named after Ancient Dwarven texts based on Norse Mythology



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