Considering the Continent has been at war for a hundred years, trade and commerce are surprisingly healthy.

The Declaration in 1557 gave birth to the official start of an organised guild of Thieves, Smugglers and Pirates based in the Neutral Lands.


The Rochelle Coast is a port that can get you anything for the right price and is full of talented opportunists wishing to transfer the ownership of anything they can get their hands on.

Both sides have used the talents of their allied forces to keep their forces fed, armoured and magically prepared.

Currency is the same across the entirely of Elond and takes the form of Gold.
It is however important to note where it was minted.
Trying to trade with a gold coin stamped with the Mark of Hextor in the western lands is an easy way to find yourself in the Custody of Paladins and under a zone of truth.


The Black market will also re-stamp your gold, for a nominal fee of course.

Most low tier soldiers in both armies have other jobs as their standing pay is very low unless actively engaged in conflict.
It is only the high ranking officials and active duty forces that are able to live solely on the wages paid for service on either side of the war.


Magical items are common on both sides although they do draw attention as they mark out an individual as above the standard grain of your average solider or commoner.

Shipping and Sea Travel is a large part of the economy of all Elond and most cities are built near the coast or on large rivers.


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