The Gargoyles have long been a source of nightmares and terror for the breathing races of Elond.

Sadistic in the extreme they enjoy nothing more than swooping down upon the weak or helpless, snatching them up devouring them whilst still alive and screaming,

Nothing brings a Gargoyle more pleasure than the pain and suffering of others.
Their roosts in the rocky territories of Blasted Rock Mountains and Granite Cove have been places of misery and death for as long as any living creature can remember.

Living in the abandoned ruins of castles, forts and keeps left behind by those that unwittingly created them hundreds of years ago the Gargoyles nest and fill their halls with the tortured screams of their numerous victims.


" The gargoyle is a vicious flying predator that enjoys torturing creatures weaker than itself. Gargoyles often appear to be winged stone statues, for they can perch indefinitely without moving and use this disguise to surprise their foes. They require no food, water, or air, but often eat their fallen foes out of fondness for inflicting pain. When not enjoying their favorite pastime, a wing of gargoyles can be found
waiting silently for prey or bragging among themselves. Gargoyles speak Common and Terran."

The Gargoyles sought out the Rakshasa very soon after they invaded, seeing an opportunity for greater enjoyment and reveling in death.
The agreement between them and right Hand of Hextor allows them to take their victims only from those not sworn to the Right Hand of Hextor, unless of course the victim is freely given to them by the forces of darkness system of justice.

Believed to have been created by a cult of Nerull many hundreds of years ago the Gargoyles revere Nerull as their God and readily send many to their death in his name.

Symbol of Nerull: 180px-Nerull_symbol2.jpg

“Nerull is the patron of those who seek the greatest evil for their own enjoyment or gain.All are equal in Nerull’s cold realm. Every living thing is an affront to the Reaper, and every death brings a dark spark of joy to his long-dead heart. Those that pray to Nerull to appease him only attract his attention and their own doom. Those that kill in his name shall be rewarded (or so Nerull promises).”


Experts in the arts of torture, there are fates worse than death when the Gargolyes get hold of you.
In the Army they are excellent scouts and winged spies often flying above the rest of the forces below as an advance party.


Gargoyles are known to keep some of their victims alive as slaves and pets which accounts for sightings of other races in their desolate ruins.


Cannot be played at the start of the game as Level 5 is not high enough

Gargoyle Stats

Gargoyles name themselves after types of torture or pain such as: “Flesh Stripper” or “Blood Eagle”

To avoid being really grim I have refrained from publishing a link to a list of names.. if you want to know then just ask for suggestions


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