Elond is the name given to the world as you know it.
Roughly the size of modern day Europe, the land is divided into provinces and Islands inhabited by the many races that live in Elond.

Every race in the game world has its own home land which may or may not be inhabitable at the time of the campaign.

The Map below shows Elond’s territories not by their names but by who they are inhabited by and who controls the territory.

The names of the provinces In Game will be listed on another map later on.

GOLD – Forces of Light
GREEN- Neutral
RED- Forces of Darkness


The actual names of the territories can be found on the map below, many of them have undergone name changes since the beginning of the Great War and the fluid nature of their allegiances.
The most ancient homelands of the more isolated or protective races have managed to hold on to their cultural names for the land they call home.



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