Good Races- Non Playable

The Forces of light, lead by the Heironeous Lance and the Rays Of Pelor occupy the Western side of Elond.

Their natural inclinations and prior systems of morality and justice made most of the races that joined obvious choices or forgone conclusions.

From the perspective of the Forces of Light, the “Declaration of Purity” was drawn up to once and for all highlight those that needed to be saved or utterly destroyed to preserve the soul of the world.

Prior to the War and even before the march of the Rakshasa, the Good races had been tackling Evil and corruption on a much smaller scale.
Lead for the most part by Humans from the Nearfall Coast and a small alliance of High Elves not already too ensconced in their own lives.

The fanatical Green Llizardfolk , after losing their main homelands to their segregated Rust kin and the voice of their former god Bahamut, found purpose and obsession in the worship of Pelor.

All those sworn to the Forces of Light live by social and political rules based on the moral structure their cultural gods and the new order have given them.
Now united under the leadership of a council of Generals and Religious Figureheads, you live by their rules or will be judged wanting.


You cannot play a member of any of the Good races. The theme and style of the game removes Good Alignment characters from your choices as well as preventing special “one off” racial traitors such as that one evil Dwarf etc.

These races and their information is only listed so that you can gain a full picture of the world and what your characters would know and understand about the enemy they face.

Good Races- Non Playable

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