Grey Elves

The Grey Elves:


The Grey Elves of Elond take arrogance and superiority and turn it into an art form.
Believing themselves to be some sort of master elven race they have waged a personal war on their Wood elf neighbors for countless centuries.
Small in number, their propensity for selective breeding the choicest specimens of their kind has meant that they have not been able to grow past a 100,000 or so in many generations.
Congenital madness has also become an issue amongst their people due to their habit of marrying sons to mothers and daughters to fathers.

Their cultural religion is the worship of Vecna:


“Vecna plots the destruction of the other deities so that he may take
the world for himself. According to Vecna, there exists a secret that can
destroy any being, no matter how powerful that being is. In the middle of every
heart hides a seed of darkness kept hidden from all
but the self.
Finding that secret evil and exploiting it is the key to undoing one’s
enemies. Strength and power, says Vecna, come from knowing and
controlling what others do not. He also admonishes his followers
never to reveal all that they know”

Symbol of Vecna: Vecna.png

They are a Secretive powerful race of magic users who prefer blackmail and daggers in the dark to out and out fighting and confrontation.


“Gray elves are the most noble and regal of all elves. Taller and
grander in physical appearance than others of their race, gray
elves have a reputation for being aloof and arrogant (even by elven
standards). They certainly are more reclusive than high elves, living
in isolated mountain citadels and allowing entry only to a select
few outsiders. They have either silver hair and amber eyes or pale
golden hair and violet eyes. They prefer clothing of white, silver,
yellow, or gold, with cloaks of deep blue or purple.”

Their homeland of Blight Wood is a dead petrified forest with a Grim stone keep towering above the silent trees.
Due to their location near both their constant enemies, the Wood Elves and the borders of the Forces of Light only those who have left Blight Wood for good are ever seen outside the Keep.
It is almost unheard of for those of other races to be allowed inside the walls of the keep.


Grey Elf Stats

Naming conventions for Grey Elves are cultural elven names with Dark or Evil meanings.
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Grey Elves

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