Half Elves- (except High)

The Half Elves of Elond are largely ignored by society, having little identity of their own as a community.

They have no land of their own, nor any specific organised government, they simply exist alongside other societies and live on their land.

Being declared Neutral was merely a formality as neither side in the war felt there was anything to gain from having a disorganised collective of individuals, spread across many territories as an ally.

Of course it was a different story for those sired by High Elves, but the half breed High elves had long since been controlled by their lofty parents.

Those born of Human and Wood Elf or on very rare occasion Human and Grey Elf find themselves afloat in a sea of disinterest.
Largely able to do as they please and do whatever they wish most half elves are wanderers and bards, traveling wherever they wish to go.



Some choose to stay with their Elven kin and live as they do in the Wood Elf lands of Rust-Gully forest. They are free to do so as long as they uphold the priciples of Obad-Hai.

Those who are shamefully born of a forbidden union between Grey Elf and Human are cast aside by their Elven parent often the parent would have attempted to kill them to hide this shame.
Half Grey Elves are often found in the forces of light because of this as it serves as protection and they are often swayed by their need for justice.



“Half-elves are not truly an elf sub race, but they are often mistaken
for elves. They may be outcasts from their parents’ societies or welcomed into the elven or human community, depending on the attitudes the two groups have for each other. Half-elves usually inherit a good blend of their parents’ physical characteristics, so a
half-grey elf has pale hair and eyes, a half-wood elf has tanned skin and
rusty or brown hair, and so on.”

Many more half elves can be found as members of thieves guilds, smugglers rings and pirate crews as they are drawn to the fluid and exciting nature of the profession.
The half elves who choose this path often worship the god Olidammara and are much more extrovert and confident than their other kin.

Symbol of Olidammara: Olidammara_s.gif

“Olidammara loves upsetting anyone who seems too attached to an ordered life and a predictable routine. She urges herfollowers to bend every effort toward mastering the art of music. She also teaches that life is meant to be happy and entertaining, and the
best jokes need a target to hang them on. The tables can turn on any trickster, and Olidammara’s followers should accept the laugh and appreciate the trick when it happens to them. Wine, Olidammara says, is one of the joys of life, and the only thing better than making wine is drinking it. Avoid misery, temperance, and solemnity, for they are the greatest poisons to the soul”


There is a slight problem in the human territory of Droille and the Smuggler’s Land of Rochelle Coast with Half Elves who take Olidammara’s views on Wine a little too seriously. Half Elves in these areas has a reputation for being unreliable drunkards.


Half Elf Stats

Naming conventions can be chosen from the Grey Elf, Wood Elf or Human descriptions depending on the character’s background. They can also be a mix.

Half Elves- (except High)

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