Half Elves- High

High Half-Elves have only existed as a significant population since the start of the war.

Before then it was extremely rare for a High-Elf to produce offspring with a Human as it was seen as improper to water the blood.
Closer integration and relationships with the other Good races has meant that High Half-elves are now fairly common.
Living either as lower members of High Elf society or more commonly higher members of Human Society.


Having no strict society of their own it was merely a formality to integrate them into High-elf and Human structures and declare High Half-Elves for the Forces of Light.
Deliberately kept away from the bad influences of other Half Elves, it is incredibly rare for those not possessed of inside knowledge to even detect a Half-elf in High Elf society unless is by their lower station.

“Half-elves are not truly an elf sub race, but they are often mistaken
for elves. They may be outcasts from their parents’ societies or welcomed into the elven or human community, depending on the attitudes the two groups have for each other. Half-elves usually inherit a good blend of their parents’ physical characteristics, so a
half-grey elf has pale hair and eyes, a half-wood elf has tanned skin and
rusty or brown hair, and so on.”


High Half-Elves are taller than other Elves and it is usually their slightly distant and some would say haughty attitudes that marks them out amongst humans.


High Half Elves will normally have Anglo-French names with Elven style last names making it fairly difficult to distinguish them from High Elves or in some cases Humans.

Half Elves- High

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