High Elves

The High-Elves claim to be the oldest and first race to exist on Elond.
Living in the heart of the West of the main land mass they are said to have retreated there to save their culture from the dilution of outside influences.
Their philosophy holds that the other Elven races of Elond are all lesser descendants of their own race split off many centuries ago by disagreements amongst sects of High Elves.

" High Elves average 6 feet tall and typically weigh just over 100 pounds. They live on fruits and grains, though they occasionally hunt for fresh meat. High Elves prefer long flowing gauzy clothes, usually in pastel or earthen tones that blend well with the colors found in Glades and majestic forests. They appreciate beautiful things, from elegant jewelry to attractive flowers to decorated clothing and tools. Like dwarves, elves are craftmasters, although they work in wood and metal rather than metal and stone. Elven items are prized by other races, and considered the most beautiful.
Elves speak Elven, and most also know Common and Sylvan"


Before the war, the aloof and disinterested presence of the High Elves in the centre of Western Elobnd had done little to greatly influence or guide the surrounding races.
Living in their highly organised but clandestine communities in the Heartlands and Glades, as long as those around them were abiding by laws based on goodness and justice they did little to interfere.

That all changed when the Rakshasa marched. Seemingly over night, a vast army od highly trained soldiers poured out of the Elven lands decrying the great threat in the East and promising to protect and unite the Good and Just.
The ongoing battle between Heironeous and Hextor, the god championed by the Rakshasa, had awoken the High Elves to their purpose.


They ceded their largest territory to “the good people of the west” allowing all manner of races to make it their home, keeping only the Evergleam glades as their own.
Spreading the word of Heironeous with the might of their well trained forces made their job easy and quickly identifued who their allies were.

Symbol of Heironeous: Heironeous_Sigil.gif

“Heironeous expects his followers to uphold the highest ideals of chivalry and justice and to treat adversity as a challenge to be met and overcome, just as evil should be overcome. The world is a dangerous place where those who fight for justice and who protect the weak and the innocent face a never-ending series of challenges. He exhorts his followers to act honorably at all times, and to uphold the virtues of justice and chivalry with deeds, not just words. Those who face danger with certainty and calm will prevail against evil, Heironeous advises.”



In the time that has passed since the great war started, the High Elves have become the most powerful force in the West and their leader; Prince In Waiting Serge-Dupois of the Verdant Glades is in effective command of the entire forces of light.
Many others sit on the council but it is he whose word carries the most weight and his efforts that drive the rest.
It is said that the Prince in Waiting swore an oath to Heironeous himself that he would not be a true Prince until the land of Elond was free from Evil.




High Elves are a modified version of standard elves, they are taller more like Lord of the Rings film elves in very ornate golden armour.

High Elf naming conventions are based on French names and typically elven references to nature.

High Elves

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