On Elond Humans have become somewhat of a social pariah and in many cases a scape goat.

The huge diversity amongst their cultures, religions and their own appearances has made the other 20 main sentient races mistrustful and cautious.

By far the most numerous of the races, their presence dotted around the different territories living amongst all sides in the Great War, means that no one can ever really trust a human without deeper investigation.

Outside of their own lands, the three main human territories of Nearfall Coast , Droille and La Broque it is rare for humans to be in positions of power or any real authority.

Humans who live in the Lands of the forces of light are either part of the armies or servants and laborers for their betters such as the High Elves.
Those who have become unsatisfied with this state affairs have been known to defect across the borders into Droille or even La Broque.


The humans who live in neutral territory have found that they are often used as a scapegoat for any misfortunes that fall those around them on either side of the war.
Much maligned and mistrusted the inhabitants of Droille are themselves distrustful of others and a very protective community.

Those who dwell in the lands of the forces of darkness live in a state of total corruption and lawlessness. La Broque is a place few would wish to go unless they has pressing business there. It is a land of vice, depravity and chaos.


The Right Hand of Hextor has in the past even had to send in law enforcement when La Broque became too violent and a threat to the Borders of Hextoria.

There are no real noble Human families and very few humans of note in the hierarchy on either side of the war, but they have the largest population on Elond and seem to have gotten somewhere in almost every enterprise.


OC: Humans are as they are in the standard 3.5 rules regarding appearances, ages etc.

Naming conventions for the setting would be Anglo-French names with low class surnames as they have no noble families.


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