Lizardfolk- Green

The story of the Green Lizardfolk is closely entwined with that of their betrayed Rust kin.

Before the Great War, before Elond had even heard of Hextor or felt the march of the Rakshasa, there had been strife and betrayal.

Once bound as a great community living on Iphis Islands and Agam-Pallidia, religion had been their rise and their fall.

“Lizardfolk are primitive reptilian humanoids that can be very dangerous if provoked.
Although they are omnivores, lizardfolk prefer meat; popular lore holds that lizardfolk prefer humanoid flesh, but this charge is largely unfounded (though some tribes do eat captives or slain foes). Some more advanced tribes build huts and use a variety of
weapons and shields; leaders of these tribes may have equipment stolen from or obtained in trade with other intelligent creatures. A lizardfolk is usually 6 to 7 feet tall with green, gray, or brown scales. Its tail is used for balance and is 3 to 4 feet long. A lizardfolk can weigh from 200 to 250 pounds. Lizardfolk speak Draconic”


The finding of the Great Scale of Bahamut had started it all.
A giant gleaming silver/white scale was found on Iphis Island and it called to Lizardfolk in their native tongue.
Very soon the worship of Bahamut swept through their culture, the priests and clerics who arose using the scale the spread the word of Bahamut from the source.
And then the betrayal came.
Unbeknownst to the Lizardfolk, far across the sea Tiamat was calling to the Tieflings and had sent out her agents to spread chaos amongst the worshippers of Bahamut.
Using her Tiefling agents she spread lies and rumours for months that the Lizardfolk who were marked with rust were tainted and unworthy.
To culminate the plan the High Priest of Bahamut was murdered and the Relic stolen.

So caught up in their obsession and religious fervor, the Green Lizardfolk could not see that they were being manipulated.
With the help of Tiamat’s agents the maligned Rust Lizardfolk managed to drive them from Iphis Islands and the Green Lizardfolk were forced to retreat to Agam-Pallidia.
There they stayed, desperate for something to replace the loss of their link to Bahamut, their betrayed and desperate souls seeking some purpose to stave off the hatred that threatened to consume them.


Pelor Answered. It is said that the image of Pelor was burned into the Souls of all the Green Lizardfolk and it was like a cultural epiphany.

Symbol of Pelor: Pelor_s.jpg

“Though widely revered as a peaceful and gentle deity who allevi-ates suffering, Pelor also has more martial aspects. He brings hiswrath to bear on darkness and evil, and he invigorates and heals those who champion the cause of good. Pelor teaches that the energy of life originates from the sun. This light brings strength to the weak and health to the injured, while destroying darkness and evil. He urges his follower
s to challenge the forces of corruption aggressively, but also to remember that
just as staring at the sun can cause blindness of the eyes, relentless attention to the destruction of negative forces can blind the heart to the true essentials of life: kindness, mercy, and compassion”


Though it was not mercy or compassion that drove the true power of their new beliefs.
The Green Lizardfolk turned Agam-Pallidia into a fortress and turned every able body into Paladins and Clerics under the Banner of the Rays of Pelor.
Soon they were finding their way out into the world and making a name for themselves as stalwart merciless guardians against the evils of Undead and Necromancy.
Clashes between the Rays of Pelor and those in the East of Elond were already well publicised by the time the Rakshasa marched.

It is told that Pelor agreed to allow his followers to dedicate themselves to eradication of this new and Great Evil, on condition that on its defeat they would return to peaceful ways of kindness and mercy.
Their hardline approach to evil is somewhat at odds with other races in the Forces of Light and only the most fanatical choose to join the Rays of Pelor.

The Rays of Pelor are almost entirely Green Lizardfolk and led by Paladin Matron Vivecka.

There are a few garrisons of other races in their number but it is a rare sight.
The Rays of Pelor see themselves as allies of the Heironeous Lance but as their own force with their own agency, they do not bow to will of the council often.


The Green Lizardfolk follow a much more hardline merciless version of Pelor than the standard write-up would suggest and are formidable zealots.

The Green Lizardfolk have denied their savage heritage and taken up names found amongst Elves and Humans. They have Anglo-French names.

Lizardfolk- Green

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