Lizardfolk- Rust

The Rust Lizardfolk find themselves in the Neutral races because of their dramatic past and relationship with the Green Lizardfolk.

The Green and Rust Lizardfolk were once one community spread out across a series of Islands and peninsulas around the edge of Elond’s south west coast.


Hundreds of years ago they had been a primitive tribal culture with little interest in Religion or the other races unless they sought to bother them.
That all changed when they found the Relic.
A giant gleaming silver/white scale was found on Iphis Island and it called to Lizardfolk in their native tongue.
Very soon the worship of Bahamut swept through their culture, the priests and clerics who arose using the scale the spread the word of Bahamut from the source.
And then the betrayal came.
Unbeknownst to the Lizardfolk, far across the sea Tiamat was calling to the Tieflings and had sent out her agents to spread chaos amongst the worshippers of Bahamut.
Using her Tiefling agents she spread lies and rumours for months that the Lizardfolk who were marked with rust were tainted and unworthy.
To culminate the plan the High Priest of Bahamut was murdered and the Relic stolen.

Chaos and death ensued as the Green lizardfolk turned on any who bore a rust like colouring, unable to ask for Bahamut’s help they reverted to their savage tribal ways and drove out the betrayers.


Hurt and betrayed by their own kind the Rust Lizardfolk fought back and were aided secretly by Tiamat’s agents.
At the end of the wars the Green Lizardfolk were forced to leave Iphis Islands and instead fortify Agam-Pallidia on the mainland.
By the time the Rakshasa marched onto Elond in 1538 the two Lizardfolk tribes were entirely divided by sea and by hate and resentment.

“Lizardfolk are primitive reptilian humanoids that can be very dangerous if provoked.
Although they are omnivores, lizardfolk prefer meat; popular lore holds that lizardfolk prefer humanoid flesh, but this charge is largely unfounded (though some tribes do eat captives or slain foes). Some more advanced tribes build huts and use a variety of
weapons and shields; leaders of these tribes may have equipment stolen from or obtained in trade with other intelligent creatures. A lizardfolk is usually 6 to 7 feet tall with green, gray, or brown scales. Its tail is used for balance and is 3 to 4 feet long. A lizardfolk can weigh from 200 to 250 pounds. Lizardfolk speak Draconic”

The Rust Lizardfolk swore off the worship of Bahamut or any God that would seek to command them.
When they were handed the Declaration, the zealotry of the Green Lizardfolk had already forced their hand and they were not welcome in the Forces of Light.
Similarly the tyranny of Hextor was difficult to stomach and they declared themselves Neutral.

No Rust Lizardfolk are found in the Forces of Light, lest they be cut down by their Green Skinned former kin.
Many having fanned the fire of hatred in their hearts have turned to the Forces of Darkness to seek revenge.

The Iphis Islands are a temperate largely naruralistic settlement with wooden huts and crude ports serving as the Rust Lizardfolk’s home.


All PC lizardfolk must be a variant of Rust Colured due to the setting.

Lizardfolk Stats

Naming Conventions: The Rust Lizardfolk have clung to their ancient heritage unlike their Green kin.
Their names come from ancient Draconic writings:

Rust Lizardfolk Name Gen

Lizardfolk- Rust

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