Neutral Races- PLAYABLE

The Neutral races operate in an awkward social and political stale-mate between the forces of light in the West and those of darkness in the East.

When called upon to declare their allegiance in the Declaration, the Neutral races all found their own reasons to remain impartial.
Whether or not it was a good decision is still unclear in many cases.

The Neutral territories have acted as a buffer between the two great armies which gives those that live in these lands a strange power.
There is however a constant air of tension hanging over them and there very few carefree or openly welcoming communities to be found in these lands.

The races identified as Neutral have no obligations to any side, although many can be found on both sides of the conflict.
More however have sought out their own enterprises as traders, contractors and other fruitful careers where the ability to go into either territory is very lucrative.

Obviously their lack of proven allegiance still fosters distrust and suspicion, which they must work to disprove or deal with on a daily basis.

Neutral Races- PLAYABLE

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