The Orcs of Elond have found their match with the Right Hand of Hextor.

Before the War the territory now known as Hextoria was part of Orc Lands.
Constantly warring with each other and all those around them, the races that shared the East of Elond with the Orcs had spend many long years defending their territory from Orc incursion.

When the Rakshasa marched from their Island the Orcs sought to show their strength against these unworthy invaders, only to find that with the help of the other races they had spent the last few centuries harassing, they were quashed and brought to heel.

Living in the inhospitable boggy, mist covered Grim-moor in their pits and crude wooden forts, the Orcs form a main part of the Right Hand of Hextor’s infantry.


Orcs and the humans of La Broque have formed a sort of friendship based on their similar desires and vices.
The swell in the population of Half Orcs since the start of the war seems directly related to this relationship.

To stop the tribes of Grim-Moor from killing each other all the time, Daman-Dara took the radical step of installing a system of totalitarian government within the orc community.
All Orcs are under the command of the High Chief Zurghan who answers only to the Generals of the Right Hand of Hextor and Daman-Dara himself.


Because of their new allegiances and responsibilities the worship of their Cultural God Gruumsh has fallen out of favour because of the demands it makes.

Symbol of Gruumsh: Gruumsh_symbol_-_Mike_Schely.jpg

“Gruumsh demands that his followers be strong, that they cull
the weak from their numbers, and that they take all the territory
Gruumsh thinks is rightfully theirs (which is almost everything).
He tolerates no sign of friendliness from his people. Unceasing
warfare is his creed, though Gruumsh does not object
to simple colonization if that can be arranged.
Gruumsh dislikes everything that is not an orc or of orcish
make, and he feels particularly spiteful toward elves (over the
matter of his eye). He feels equal malice toward dwarves”



Orc Stats

Orc names are primitive and tribal: Orc Name gen


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