Other Gods

Aside from Hextor, Heironeous and Pelor which are major religions in Elond there are of course other gods who have been worshipped in the past, before the Great War and the cultural gods of some of the more independent races.

The banners and symbols of the three most prominent Gods can be seen everywhere in Elond, and their Clerics, Priest and Temples are numerous.

There is no ban on worshipping another god for those in the service of the Right Hand of Hextor, but all who serve must be branded by the mark of Hextor which a permanent mark made on the skin by magical means.

The forces of light seem to view things differently and only tolerate the worship of other gods who can be proven to be Lawful or Good.
It is a serious crime to be caught worshipping or in the service of an Evil or Chaotic god inside the territories of the forces of light.
Those who openly follow gods other than Heironeous or Pelor are often watched closely by those in positions of authority in the the lands of the forces of light.

Current gods known to be worshipped or prayed to on Elond are:

MORADIN- Dwarven Lawful Good
EHLONNA- Elven/Pixie Neutral Good
YONDALLA- Halfling Lawful Good
BAHAMUT- Lizardfolk (Green) Lawful Good

OBAD-HAI- Wood Elf Neutral
WEE JAS- Wizards and Sorcerers Lawful Neutral
OLIDAMMARA- Humans/Half-Elves/Goblins and Thieves Chaotic Neutral

VECNA- Grey Elves Neutral Evil
GRUUMSH- Orcs Chaotic Evil
TIAMAT- Tieflings Lawful Evil
NERULL- Duergar/Gargoyles Neutral Evil
LOLTH- Drow Chaotic Evil

The worship of Gods chosen by the forces of Light inside the territory of the forces of Darkness is not strictly banned, but would be so out of place as to cause a great deal of interest and trouble for the perpetrator.
Blasphemy against Hextor is considered to be punishable by gruesome death, if caught however.

There are whispers of a strange name in dark places, “The Council of Twelve”, or “The Eye of Chaos”, but no one who values their life is saying anything more


Other Gods

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