The Noble and utterly Tyrannical face of the Rakshasa is burned into the minds of every race on Elond.

What prompted them to muster their forces and pour their armies out onto Elond 100 years ago can only be guessed at by the rest of the world.

Carrying their banners emblazoned with the symbol of Hextor they Marched onto the mainland in their hundreds of thousands and systematically started taking over the world..

Highly trained Sorcerers with formidable agility and natural weapons the Rakshasa were well prepared for their march of Conquest.

“Some say rakshasas are the very embodiment of evil. Few beings are more malevolent.
A closer look at a rakshasa reveals that the palms of its hands are where the backs of the hands would be on a human. While this doesn’t detract from the creature’s manual dexterity, it makes a rakshasa look very disturbing to those unfamiliar with
the creature. A rakshasa is about the same height and weight as a human.
Rakshasas speak Common, Infernal, and Undercommon.”


Why they started this campaign has gone unanswered and faded into obscurity in the wake of their current purpose.
Since the start of the war 101years ago they have successfully allied and organised all of the evil races to serve their cause.

Daman-Dara, Grand Imperator of all the forces of the Right Hand of Hextor sits on his throne in the Capital of Damanus and commands legions.

What of the rest of the Rakshasa? They are the Generals, the Politicians and the Care-takers of a vast empire of Darkness.
Their Desert Island Home of Ras-Al-Khaimah now simply another territory in their dominion.


The Rakshasa brought the worship of Hextor to Elond, his colours and banners fly from every city in their lands and his temples are multitude.

Symbol of Hextor: Hextor.gif

“Hextor seeks to conquer or destroy any that oppose him. He tells his followers that the world is a dark and bloody place where the strong rule the weak, and power is the only reward worth anything. The cruel and unrelenting pursuit of one’s goals is the only
reliable path to success. Order must be forged out of chaos and law
out of anarchy. Tyranny brings order out of chaos. Dissenters must be oppressed or destroyed lest anarchy reign.
Hextor’s clerics constantly plan or lead attacks on rebels and do-gooders. They revile good-hearted rulers and governments that nurture personal freedoms, and they are forever scheming to weaken or overthrow regimes that seem likely targets for conquest.
Temples to Hextor are always forbidding fortresses, built to impress the common folk with Hextor’s power.”


Since the stale-mate after the Great and Bloody Battle of 1608 sudden and dramatic changes in the heart of the Right Hand of Hextor have occured.

Daman-Dara rose to power over his predecessor 35 years ago in a sudden an violet coup, claiming himself to be the vessel of Hextor himself.
Certainly the way he utterly destroyed the previous Grand Imperator and took power with ease would lend some credibility to this..


The Rakshasa can be found almost everywhere within the territories of the Forces of Darkness and the Neutral lands, some exceptions such as EverDark Fortress and Blight Wood seem of little bother to them and their supreme command.


Cannot be played at the start of the game as Level 5 is not high enough

To play a Rakshasa you must be informed of special parts of the setting not known to any other race, please speak to the Gm before statting one.

Rakshasa Stats

Rakshasa Naming Conventions are based on Indian Sikh names as well as Arabic place names.

Rakshasa Sikh Names


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