The Satyr of Elond lived in hedonistic and depraved solitude for countless generations, until their seclusion was interrupted by the the Declaration in 1557.

Paying little attention to the outside world the rough and tribal culture of the Satyr went largely undisturbed by their Island neighbours the Tieflings, Rakshasa and Drow.

Seen as savage and backward by the more advanced civilisations the Satyr were only drawn into the war by the Declaration of virtue.

Unbeknownst to them, the Satyr culture of blood sacrifice and cannibalism was seen as inherently evil by those that called themselves the forces of light.

Following no god the Satyr had worshipped their own desires and believed that nothing should be off limits.
Upon their classification as Evil they sought to familiarise themselves with the races around them and found much that they could enjoy.

“Satyrs, also known as fauns, are hedonistic creatures that frolic in the wild places of the world. They love raw meat, strong drink, passionate romance and blood.
A satyr’s hair is red or chestnut brown, while its hooves and horns are jet black.
A satyr is far more likely to be carrying musical instruments or bottles of wine than weapons. For the most part, satyrs leave travelers alone unless they are in need of sacrifice or food. They are, however, more than a little mischievous and often seek a sadistic kind of fun at the expense of those who wander too near their woodland homes. A satyr is about as tall and heavy as a half-elf. Satyrs speak Sylvan, and most also speak Common”


Their total lack of government or structure apart from very base levels of social hierarchy governed by skill and luck, left the Rakshasa uneasy.

Aunios Island, covered by a dense Jungle like foliage of burgeoning flora made it easy for the true numbers of Satyr to be hidden from the rest of Elond.
On discovering just how many of them there were, the Right Hand of Hextor took it upon itself to educate the Satyr and introduce lawful conduct and rules.

A token council of Officials was set up but the Satyr found the process so alien that it was largely ignored by the society as a whole.

Satyr who leave the Island often find their way into the employ of Smugglers, Pirates and Thieves as well as making excellent Scouts.

On a whole their Anarchic Hedonistic society remains unchanged by the war and their surroundings and unless directly threatened most Satyr seem happy with the current state of affairs.


Satyr are viewed by the forces of light as a total abomination of order and good, especially because of their sacrifices and eating of their own flesh. The Satyr find this bizarre and seem to take amusement from the narrow minded stifled principles of morality held by the forces of light.

The Satyr Brief has been changed from the official line for the purpose of this campaign.

Satyr Stats

Satyr naming conventions are based on Pagan mythology:

Pagan Names


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