The Chain of command

Both sides of the conflict are heavily structured, their command bases centered on Laws and Order.

How they operate is where they differ.

The Right Hand of Hextor and the Forces of Darkness are a Totalitarian Dictatorship based on the total power of Daman-Dara and his enforcing Rakshasa.
He has complete control of the realm of Evil and appoints or dismisses every General and Politician in his domain.

Daman-Dara and his power is based in the Captial city of Damanus which is protected by an enormous field of Protection Against Chaos.
Whilst he numbers those of a Chaotic nature amongst his allies they cannot enter his seat of power, as he knows the dangers of such trust.
Chaotic aligned characters are often at odds with the Lawful rule of Daman-Dara and his rules whilst not especially strict , have harsh punishments when broken without a good reason.

Most of the Generals in the Army are either Rakshasa, Tiefling or Grey Elves and none are above the final rulings of the Grand Imperator.

Individual territories, especially those weho are mostly independant will have their own command structures, although usually at least a Garrison of the main army is present to protect the will of Daman-Dara.


Ranks In order of superiority:

Grand Imperator

Grand Generals and Advisors
Lieutenant General
Major General
Lieutenant Colonel
Captain- special forces
Special forces officer- PLAYERS RANK
Unit Lieutenant
Army officer
Base troops

The Heironeous Lance Is run by no one leader or individual although the High Elf Commander ; Prince in Waiting Serge Dupois of the Verdant Glades is often considered to be in charge.
There are twelve members of the Council of Light and numerous lower generals, all decisions are made through the council however, guided by the information given to them from interior governments and officials within the lands of the forces of light.
Most individual territories have their own leader and system of government which reports to the Council who them make the rulings.
There is an overall system of Justice which is enforced by the Paladin Orders of Heironeous and Pelor.

The Known Council Members of the Council of Light are:

  • Prince in Waiting Serge Dupois of the Verdant Glades


  • Paladin Matron Vivecka


  • Aristomache


  • Alviss Silver-Hand


The Forces of Light has kept the names of the other council members as secret as possible to prevent the threat of assassination.

The Rays of Pelor Consider themselves to be a free agent outside the main dominion of the Council of Light whilst still on the same side. Friction between Vivecka and the rest of the council is legendary on this matter.
The Rays of Pelor believe that they only answer to their Clerics and the head of their order on matters of law and their laws are much stricter than those traditionally set by the council.
Those seeking fair justice would do better to be judged by the Council than the Rays of Pelor.

The Chain of command

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