The Last 100 years

Elond has been in a state of war for the last 101 years..

The West Divided from the East by the territories of the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness.
The middle occupied by those unwilling or uninterested in choosing a side, forming a buffer between the two sides.

Much of the first 50 years after the formal declaration of territory and war was taken up by the creation of new systems of government and the organisation of territories.
Very little actual fighting on a large scale happened between the two sides until 1608.

Pirates had been raiding the port and coastal settlements in the West but not on any large or organised scale.

The Rays of Pelor had been champing at the bit and making many suicidal attempts to cleanse the evils from the lands to the East before they were reined in by the Heironeous Lance.

It was not until the Bloody Battle of 1608 fought in what is now called Last Stand that any serious conflict happened.
The armies of the forces of darkness broiled out across the lands in the East marching through neutral territories and causing panic and alarm.
They were met by the sight of the forces of Good amassing on their own borders in equally impressive numbers.
It was a total bloodbath, neither side gained any serious ground and both sides took heavy losses.
After 3 days of fighting it was clear that neither side could press an advantage and the sensible parts of the armies withdrew.
Many of the more evangelical and bloodthirsty stayed on despite orders and annihilated each other.

Both sides were left limping from their losses and the expenditure of resources and retreated to regroup.

Since that great battle, no real changes have taken place in the territories and both sides have sent only small armies out and ultimately both sides have stayed in a stale mate position trying to find other ways to gain the upper hand and win this unending war…

Which brings us to the present day…

The Last 100 years

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