The Unliving

Vampires and the Undead brought to life by the practices of Necromancy are a very present part of the evil side of Elond.

Vampires are found amongst most races who are part of the Forces of Darkness although they are controlled by Daman-Dara.
It is not widely known but there is in fact a high council of Elder Vampires who control the population across Elond and are in charge of the Vampire society as a whole.

The Right Hand of Hextor in return controls this council. No new Vampires can be made without permission and all are registered through the High Council.
Rogue vampires are treated with extreme prejudice as they give the High Council a bad name.
Vampires operate as a clandestine part of the Forces of Darkness and usually go about their own business.
Of course they are doggedly hunted by the Rays of Pelor and on occasions request assistance if they are being overwhelmed.



“Forever anchored to their coffins and the unholy earth of their graves, these nocturnal predators scheme constantly to strengthen themselves and fill the world with their foul progeny. Vampires appear just as they did in life, although their features are often hardened and feral, with the predatory look of wolves. Like liches, they often embrace finery and decadence and may assume the guise of nobility. Despite their human appearance, vampires can be easily recognized, for they cast no shadows and
throw no reflections in mirrors. Vampires speak any languages they knew in life.”

Vampires are often found living amongst the Gargoyles, who have a fascination for their condition that borders on obsession, readily keeping victims for them to feed on, if they can watch.

Lich exist amongst the Right Hand of Hextor, but are as Vampires strictly controlled.
Only a Handful exist and they are carefully watched and guarded as much for their own protection as others.
The Lich are only ever used in combat when a situation becomes dire, because they are so unpredictable and usually mentally unhinged.

“A lich is an undead spellcaster, usually a wizard or sorcerer but sometimes a cleric or other spellcaster, who has used its magical powers to unnaturally extend its life.
As a rule, these creatures are scheming and, some say, insane. They hunger for ever greater power, long-forgotten knowledge, and the most terrible of arcane secrets. Because the shadow of death does not hang over them, they often conceive plans taking years, decades, or even centuries to come to fruition A lich is a gaunt and skeletal humanoid with withered flesh stretched tight across horribly visible bones. Its eyes have long ago been lost to decay, but bright pinpoints of crimson light burn on
in the empty sockets. Even the least of these creatures was a powerful person in life, so they often are draped in once-grand clothing. Multiclass fighters or clerics may still bear the armor of a warrior. Like its body, however, the garb of a lich shows all too well the
weight of years. Decay and corruption are its constant companion. Liches speak Common plus any other languages they knew in life.”



Zombies The unliving are a useful tool for the Wizards and Sorcerers of the Forces of Darkness.
The Magic users of the Right Hand of Hextor have no qualms about raising the dead as their servants, it is one of the best tactics when fighting the Forces of Light, so repulsed are they by the use of Necromancy.
The only rules Governing the use of Zombies is that they not be created from the corpses of those who outrank you (apart from the enemy), that you can control them fully and that they not be created inside towns and cities belonging to The Right Hand of Hextor or its Allies unless sanctioned.

“Zombies are corpses reanimated through dark and sinister magic. These mindless automatons shamble about, doing their creator’s bidding without fear or hesitation.
Zombies are not pleasant to look upon. Drawn from their graves, half decayed and
partially consumed by worms, they wear the tattered remains of their burial clothes. A rank odor of death hangs heavy in the air around them. Because of their utter lack of intelligence, the instructions given to a newly created zombie must be very simple, such as “Kill anyone who enters this room.”



Those who use Necromancy to raise the dead will gain the unfaltering hatred of the Rays of Pelor and often find life more difficult near the borders to the Forces of Light’s territory or some Neutral places.


You cannot start as a Vampire for plot reasons, nor as a Lich.
You can raise Zombies as a Magic User and there are possibilities to find the Vampire or Lich plot in game,

The Unliving

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