The War

As it Stands the Entirety of the Known world is at war, or more accurately stuck in a Stalemate that has lasted for the last 50 years since the Bloody Battle of 1608.

That is not to say that small conflicts and other less publicised activities have not been going on.
Elond is essentially in a Cold War between the West and East of the Continent.

Trade and the ongoing existence of wealth and economy comes through the sizable resources on both sides of the war and also the Neutral opportunists stuck in the middle in the shape of Thieves, Pirates, Smugglers and Morally Ambiguous Traders.

The lack of activity in any real form in the last decade has caused an air of apprehension to settle on both sides of the war.
Something big is going to happen and this has all just been the build up, the calm before the storm.
Both sides have had a great deal of time to plan, amass resources and soldiers and prepare for whatever it is that is about to change the world…

The War

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