The world

Elond is a large Continent with a collection of outer islands, attempts to explore further into the world beyond have been made but these mostly fell by the wayside. After a few expeditions it became apparent that there were dangers too fraught to be dealt with by those who went in search of their fortune.
The world as it is known and inhabited by the twenty one sentient humanoid races has been locked in an ongoing war for the last 100 years.

See the History pages for more information:

Elond has long been split into territories solely or mostly populated by an individual race it has only been in the last two centuries or so that multi-racial society has become part of every day life.
Some of the more hostile or secretive races still maintain strict laws or bans on the presence of other races in their lands.

Since the start of the Great War, the boundaries of the territories have come to play far more important roles as each side attempts to gain land and power to defeat the other once and for all.

The territories that owe their allegiance to the forces of light are ever vigilant for signs of incursion from the forces of Darkness,
The Neutral territories have kept an awkward stalemate between the two forces and the East and West of Elond since the conflict started.
The lands held by the forces of darkness are excitingly dangerous at best and mortally corrupt at worst.

For frame of reference the year at the start of the game is 1658.

For a more detailed overview of the different territories, more information will be added as you find out in play…

  • Apple Fen Shore
  • Nzurzthec Mountains
  • Evergleam Glades
  • Near Fall Coast
  • Lance Du Sacre Terre
  • Aquilin-Du-Blai
  • Agam-Pallidia
  • Erelaph
  • Xapham Island
  • Aggard-Beg


  • Iphis Islands
  • Rust-Gully Forest
  • Droille
  • Twilight Fen
  • Rochelle Coast
  • Last Stand


  • Grim-Moor
  • Blight Wood
  • La Broque
  • Damanus
  • Hextoria
  • Granite Cove
  • Blasted Rock Mountains
  • Azanthanthel
  • Aunios Island
  • Ras-Al-Khaimah Desert
  • Lava Lake Isle
  • Everdark Fortress

The world

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