The Tieflings of Elond are one of the earliest allies of The Right Hand of Hextor.

Lava Lake Isle, their homeland, which is dominated by a massive active volcano was the only source of outside interaction for the Rakshasa before their army poured onto the mainland over a hundred years ago.

Many thought the Island deserted due to the dangerous nature of the volcano and the secretive nature of Tieflings.

In truth the Island has only had a large population for the last three centuries or so.
It is said that Tieflings who had been living amongst humans and elsewhere on Elond were drawn to the Island like a beacon and made it their own.

Now the Island has a thriving population where those who present the most obvious signs of their heritage gain positions of power and Influence.


“Twisted, devious, and untrustworthy, tieflings more often than
not follow their inherent tendencies and heed the call to evil. A
few defy their nature, but still must fight against popular opinion
(if their nature is known) or the feeling of otherworldly “wrongness” that seems to follow them wherever they go.
Aside from a demeanor that many find disturbing, many
tieflings are indistinguishable from humans. Others have small
horns, pointed teeth, red eyes, a whiff of brimstone about them, or
even cloven feet. No two tieflings are the same.
In most human societies, tieflings maintain a low profile, operating as thieves, assassins, or spies. Occasionally one rises to a position of power, but when its nature is revealed it quickly becomes
an outcast”

The Teiflings of Lava Lake Isle began to worship Tiamat almost as soon as they arrived.
It is said that inside the volcano a great evil dragon sleeps and when their ranks are strong enough it will arise to lead the Tieflings and many more Dragons will flock to aid them from the far off lands.

Symbol of Tiamat: Tiamat_s.png

“Tiamat concerns herself with spreading evil, defeating good, and propagating evil dragons. She enjoys razing the occasional village, city, or country, but only as a diversion from her subtle, world-spanning plots. She is the villain who lurks in the shadows. Her presence is felt but seldom seen.
Tiamat constantly seeks to extend the power and dominion of evil dragons over the land, particularly when her subjects find themselves embroiled in territorial disputes with good dragons. Tiamat also unfailingly demands reverence, homage, and tribute from her subjects”


Those who display little trace of their ancestry are often ignored or passed over in Tiefling society, it is a social stigma to look human amongst their number.


Tieflings are considered to be one of the most trusted Allies of the the Rakshasa for reasons than no Tiefling will ever reveal.

As a society they intermingle freely with the Rakshasa and even Humans who wish to live amongst them, however they have their own form of government based on a council of those who have been greatly touched by their ancestry.
Tieflings are often in positions of great power within the Right Hand of Hextor.
Their Worship of Tiamat is open and uncontested by Daman-Dara who seems to have every confidence in their loyalty.


Tiefling Stats

Naming Conventions for Tieflings are based on the names of Demons Demon names


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