Wood Elves

The Wood elves were a surprising development after the results of the Declaration of 1557.
The Declaration of Virtue as the forces of light named it, was refused by the Wood Elves when most thought it obvious that they would declare in its favour.

At war for centuries with their arrogant and deranged kin The Grey Elves, who lurked on their Northern Border, it was assumed that they would declare for light to deal with them.

What the other races failed to see and overlook was the strength of Wood Elf faith in their Deity Obad-Hai.

The Wood Elves do not despise the Grey Elves for their Evil deeds, but their destruction of nature.
The Dead Petrified Trees and total lack of wildlife in the Blight Wood is an affront to the Wood Elf and their love and dedication for Nature.


The Wood elves declared themselves Neutral because they care nothing for Good or Evil only the protection of the Wilds. Anyone who goes against or harms nature is their enemy Good or Evil .

“Also called sylvan elves, members of this sub race live deep in primordial forests. Their hair color ranges from yellow to a coppery red, and they are more muscular than other elves. Their clothing is in dark shades of green and earth tones to better blend in with
their natural surroundings. Their homes are sometimes guarded by giant owls or leopards.”

Their home in Rust-Gully forest is a huge deep forest, split in half by a red gully of rich clay soil. Burgeoning with beasts and wildlife they serve as guardians against those who try to harm anything in their domain.


It is said that many Druids make this forest their home and are left largely to their own devices by the Wood elves.
Only those who would go against their sacred duty are unwelcome, and the Wood Elves will go to any lengths to protect their lands.

Symbol of Obad-Hai: Obad-Hai_s.jpg

“Obad-Hai rules nature and the wilderness, and he is a friend to all who live in harmony with the natural world. He expects his followers to live in harmony with nature in all its variety. Those who destroy or otherwise harm nature deserve swift vengeance in an appropriate manner, says Obad-Hai. Those who are one with nature, however, have little to fear, although the well-meaning but foolish are sometimes brought down by a danger they could not avoid or divert.
Obad-Hai teaches that the wilds can sometimes be ugly, dangerous, or terrible, but that these things are a part of nature and should be respected as much as those that are beautiful, harmless, or wonderful, for these characterizations mark a newcomer’s perspective”


There is little political structure amongst wood elves save for small clans who revere their elders.
Socially they travel constantly around their forests in small groups, although it is said they always know where the rest of the clans are.

Wood Elves who have left the forest and joined a side are often idealists with extreme beliefs which do not gel with the rest of the community.
They can be found on either side of the war.


Wood Elf Stats

Wood Elf Naming Conventions are based on Nature and Flora and Fauna from ancient elven texts:
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Wood Elves

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